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My Name is Gerald Hacker and I am the host of the Youth Golf 101 Podcast. I want all my listeners to know that I am not a golf professional. I am a golf dad that has fallen in love with the game of golf and particularly the junior golf scene. Through my two son’s golf endeavors, I have met an incredible number of extremely knowledgeable golf professionals, sports psychologists, PGA players and coaches. I was amazed at all the learning that goes into playing this game as a youth, and I have become convinced that the game of golf is not only the most difficult sport to master but also a sport that teaches our children about the difficulties and rewards in life. I would ask you to go on this golf learning journey with me as I will be interviewing experts in all things related to youth golf. The Youth Golf 101 Podcast is a Podcast completely dedicated to junior golf. In this podcast we will be doing interviews with some of today’s top golf experts as it relates to youth golf. Course management, emotions during the game, strength and conditioning of the youth golfer, getting more distance off the tee, how does the little guy compete with the bigger, stronger kid in his age bracket, daddy caddies, junior golf scholarships, dealing with the cheater and on and on.. These are just some of the topics that we will be discussing. The Youth Golf 101 Podcast is dedicated to you the mom or dad, the youth coach, the industry professional that deals with junior golf, and most importantly the junior golfer him or herself. The Youth Golf 101 Podcast will be a weekly show that will be available for download from iTunes, Stitcher, and all podcast mediums. The Podcast will also be available at www.youthgolf101.com.

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